A tiny figure bounces between the tiles composing a large beast, shattering them like glass.

Beast Breaker

Unity game programmer / Sep 2021


A turn-based action adventure combining traditional RPG mechanics with Peggle-like bouncing and ricochets. You play as Skipper, a small mouse tasked with defending a cast of charming characters from mosaic Beasts. The core gameplay revolves around battling Beasts, crafting/upgrading equipment, conversing with your companions, and uncovering the overarching narrative over the course of a 15-hour playthrough.

The title screen of Beast Breaker, with a standard menu with options like "New Game" and "Quit to Desktop" and a scene behind of a miniature house situated amid giant stalks of wheat.
A small figure repeatedly bounces of the tiles of a large Beast, shattering them with every bounce.
An unnamed laughing hedgehog character says to a mouse named Skipper, "Well, blow me over with a breeze! You may be tiny, but talk about making a big IMPACT!"
A hexagonal grid with Skipper and Poppy narrowly avoiding a rampaging pink boar Beast.


I worked on Beast Breaker as a Unity programmer for the entirety of its year and a half development cycle. I worked on the battle system, save system, dialogue system, custom inverse kinematics, and a bunch of the gameplay systems.

My favorite thing to work on were the particle effects and juice in battle. We were limited on time so things things needed to be done quickly, but it was still a fun process.

Gameplay footage of Skipper from Beast Breaker slashing apart tiles of a boar-like Beast with their sword.


Beast Breaker released on the Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch on September 23, 2021. The game received positive reviews for its endearing cast of animal characters, addictive mouse-bouncing gameplay, and relatable themes of building solidarity and coping with factors outside your control.

Plus look at all this awesome friggin fan art!


Directed by: Asher Vollmer, Chris Floyd

Lead Artist: Jemma Salume

Lead Writer: Leslie Celeste

Engineers: Andie Nare, Ayla Myers

Sound Designer: Akash Thakkar

Quality Assurance: Syrenne McNulty

Additional Art: Kezrek Laczin, Howl Rider

Community Management: Jessie Lo

Assistant Writer: Kris Lorischild

Animator: Lucio Mennillo

Producer: Myriame Lachapelle

Music By: Big Giant Circles