Several bicycle cards fly into the air, two are shot, then the sum of the cards are revealed to sum to 21. They explode outwards with "Blackjack!" appearing behind them..

Quickdraw Blackjack

Sole developer / Dec 2018


Blackjack except you shoot the cards to get to 21!

"Quickdraw Blackjack" in a font reminiscent of the wild west. Below it a sheriff's star reads "Play".
Several bicycle cards fly into the air, one is shot. The total of the player's hand of cards plus the card that was shot counts up to 18, after which a red "Miss" sign is displayed.


Quickdraw Blackjack was commissioned by Castle games and developed over the course of six weeks. It's a simple little score-chasing game.


Design / Programming / Art: Ayla Myers

Music / Sound: Jason Riggs