A little snowboarder boards down a mountain, weaving through trees.

Snowboarding prototype

Jun 2017


A little prototype for a chill downhill snowboarding game. The player can steer left/right and jump. Nothing else, just an infinite randomly-generated mountain slope.


The snowboard physics were quite fun to get right. All it does is apply extra friction perpendicular to the direction of movement, but a lot of tweaking and finesse went into making it feel right e.g. changing how fast you're able to turn based on how much speed you have.

But my favorite part was the line renderer that's used to draw the snowboard's path through the snow. I tried a bunch of different techniques, but settled on five individual line segments placed at different parts of the board. This isn't always perfect—sometimes it creates gaps where you can see one or two pixels of snow peeking through—but that imperfection honestly makes it feel more natural.