A pair of slimes dodge the laser-like stares fo oily onlookers.


Sole developer / Aug 2019


Avoid the antagonizing laser-like stares of strangers on the subway and shoot icy glares back at 'em to show 'em what for. Hateful staring reimagined as a co-op twin stick shooter.

The text "Staring can be a form of harassment" encircles a massive eyeball.
A purple slime tries to dodge out of the leaser-like stares of oily onlookers but fails. The text "Some days are harder than others" appears on the floor.


staring was commissioned for PlayNYC's Graffiti Games 2019, an initiative to "highlight games made by developers in the LGBTQIA community."

The entire soundscape of the game was produced by recording my old friend Tim Froehlich making weird mouth sounds. Every single sound effect is just him making a funny noise.

Such talent.


staring was shown at PlayNYC 2019 as part of the Graffiti Games initiative. My dear friend Matt Lepage and I took the liberty of decorating the area near our booth with makeshift blobs of wire and black tissue paper, which attendees were then asked to decorate with hand-drawn eyeballs.